Loneliness, Thanksgiving, Blessings, & TIPS


This church is over 10K Feet ABOVE sea level & was beautiful! We’ll chat more ’bout this soon!

Well helllllo, y’all! Summer has sprinted outta here in Georgia and Fall is creeping’ in the scene with a slight gansta lean! Chile, it’s funny how lil ole Fall wants to TRY to roll up & it’s almost December!

A belle has been enjoying the foliage of beautiful red, orange & the bright yellows. I’ve been at peace & joyful, but sadly, this time of year is a reminder to some of what they think they do not have. Truth be told, you have A LOT sweet friends. You just have to focus on IT. Walk wit me….

img_1996          I miss my old apartment this time of year!!

After a recent convo with my good friend back home, we started flapping’ our gums about the weather changin’ & ended up having a beautiful convo about God. You see, I was reminded that this time of year (I believe more so than any other) that the enemy, Satan, tries to hold our joy hostage & convince us that we have to feel lonely. Unfortunately, my friend is not close to her family at all. What I had to remind her is that the Lord blesses us with special people in our lives. We are never alone as our Father is always with us no matter who’s there & who isn’t there.

Friends hear a belle well….everyday is Thanksgiving & should be lived as such. Don’t let society fool you into thinking that it’s important to do good one or two times of the year.



                                                     Sissy & I on a recent trip praying & praisin’!

Now let’s get something straight. You can be in a relationship & still feel lonely. Don’t get it twisted, honey. Sometimes our thoughts can be negative. These negative thoughts may even try to tap us on the shoulder & remind many of us that we don’t have family, friends, or even a boo to snuggle up with. Chile it’s a big fat ole lie. All we will ever need is God. Anything extra is a blessing waiting to happen.

Let’s talk about a few ways to keep positive as the leaves dance to the ground & the air is cooler. ‘Kay? Alrighty.


  1. Thank your creator (whomever it is) that you are alive & well because you are here for a reason.
  2. Surround yourself with loved ones. Don’t be fooled into thinking’ that family is considered your only source of love. Get out of your negative mind & meet new friends–Try Meetup.com (fun groups in your area), church or more. Case & point: My sis has met a ton of new friends on the Island she resides on. Chile, Shermika won’t tell ya this, but she has many sweet new friends who help her compact negative thoughts of missing me and the rest of the fam this time of year. She misses me so. Don’t tell her I said so & PLEASE don’t let her fool you. Ha!!
  3. Think positive. PERIOD. Even when there’s a storm around you. You have a choice. So choose wisely. It’s easy to think & be positive when your circle supports positive thinking.
  4. Think before you REACT!! What’s a true testament is how you think + react when your surroundings are less than ideal. When your surroundings seem lonely how will you react?
  5. Give praises to your creator when times are good & BAD. People always want to omit the bad/negative times,  but the truth is that it rains on the just and unjust. Get ya umbrella & dancing’ rain boots ready.


Shermika & I want to send you positive vibes, love, & inspiration through our blog. Bare with us as we get back into our groove of writing, sharing, & exploring. We pray that each of you be renewed in joy & a new attitude this season and EVERYDAY. God has been too good for us all not to be. Until next time! Peace out.

–XOXO  T & S



Mary Mary Tip-Toes to ATL in Style


Take these shackles off my heel wearing feet so I can dance, y’all.  If you sweeties are following our social media channels (we hope you are!) then you already know who came to visit Atl yesterday: Tina & Erica Campbell!!!! Yes, the beautiful multi-Grammy award winning gospel divas Mary Mary came to give the public an exclusive screening of their season 3 hit WE tv show. *snaps fingers*

“I’m not a celebrity. Celebrities don’t show their weaknesses & shortcomings. God gets the glory in all of it.” –Tina Campbell

Do you watch? Honey, the sis  I do & we love everything from Goo’s styling escapades to their cute mama who always knows best! Divas T & E, as I lovingly call them, are always showing they are real people behind the flashin’ lights. We’ve been rockin’ with them since day one. They are such a loving sweet fam & it’s easy to re-fall in love with them. In my head they are my fierce older, but wiser big cousins.


“God has a way of fixing things in a way that nobody else can.” –Erica Campbell

We were invited to a private reception prior to their screening. Now as grand as this was, the best part is that Mary Mary performed live afterwards. There’s no concert like a free concert (guests brought a can good to support The Atlanta Community Food Bank).


These fiercely dressed ladies had a lot of inspiration to give. A belle didn’t get to ask any personal questions as it wasn’t as (I thought it would be one-on-one) intimate–and was more of a q&a type gig. Nonetheless these sisters dropped many gems. Check out what they had to say below & check out the rest of our pics. Set your DVRs & be sure to watch the new season of their show on Feb. 27, 2014. ‘Kay? Good!



“Faith is faith. If I trust God in the front, then I trust him in the back.” 

  • Revealed: Their fam implemented “family prayers” as a result of 2013. Her soon to be released first solo album “Help” (latter part of March 2014) is everything she’s been through over the past year
  • Had to adjust to singing/relying on her self while creating & missed the fun that she shared with her sister Tina during the process, but learned to lean on  her own because of what God has given to her
  • Balance & honesty is a must
  • Revealed: “If I’m not ok I will tell you that I’m not ok, but I’ll get through it. Stay honest. Things don’t  always stay the same.” She said if she’s not fine she’ll never say otherwise because it’s the truth
  • Fit exercise in where you can. “The same way you change the oil in your car you have to change your body. It’s your temple, have the best temple.”



“As human beings we have to go through the fire. I’m human.” 

  • Revealed: This season we were more open to the public with something that’s always been close
  • Don’t compete with media images that you have to be superwoman (in regards to whatever it is that you do i.e. mom, sister, wife, friend etc.)–it’s a lie. Be realistic so you don’t stress out. Decide where you want to shine & stick with it & give it your all
  • Revealed: Work hours are from 10-2 & when she’s the most creative
  • Eats healthy & her drink of choice is good old H2O. *laughs* “[Exercise] doesn’t find its way into my life… I still like my fried chicken & biscuits, but I mix it up with a kale salad & some nice berries.”
  • To much is given much is required. If you want something different you have to do something you have never done


Look at the food y’all!






When I find some pics of them online I’ll post. I waited a long while for them to hit the carpet & had to leave. 🙁

photo (42).3

I finally met this sweet lady in person. Follow/check out her blog for celeb news & more!


This line was wrapped around the World of Faith Epic Center. Loved seeing this! Will you be watching?

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