Travel Fly in Dubai


By now our loyal friends know that a belle loves to travel. It keeps our minds sane and makes our heart flutter.  Last year, I was blessed with the opportunity to see Dubai thanks to a glitch fare. In short, a glitch is an unexpected (el cheapo) fare honey!

Chile, I saw Dubai for less than a meal in NYC or even a plane ticket to my beloved 2nd home (ATL shawty!)

Being in the Middle East allowed me to appreciate the culture, So allow me to share a few nuggets:

  • Dubai is in the desert so BABYYYY it is hot there! I went in June with my ace and we were sweating bullets.
  • Dubai is like Vegas times 1,000. Everything here is about glitz, glamour and excess. Many say Dubai is westernized, but it’s a city that’s forward thinking and fun! Save your coins and spend a lil.
  • Try something different when you travel. We stayed in a DOPE hotel near the Saudia Arabian border (in the middle of nowhere) and took a cooking class. The food was yummy yummy and the class was fun! Pics to come later y’all.
  • Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden…it is absolutely stunning! The garden is replete with greenery in various shapes (think Paris, peacocks, and more).


Sending all my love from Dubai...
Sending all my love from Dubai…


  • You’re traveling abroad, so live a lil honey. You can drank the Henny at home, so experience some culture instead. Wander around the souks and ride on a dhow. Or better yet, ride a CAMEL! Look at us riding those ole camels!


Below, I am trying on beautiful dresses at the souks in Dubai. These dresses are great to rock at the Grand Mosque as ladies have to be COVERED from head to toe! More on the Grand Mosque to come.


Dubai is the land of excess so you can’t get enough shopping done here. Buy Middle Eastern spices in the souks of Old Dubai. Visit the Gold Souk and get gold jewelry at unbelievable prices.

Our trip to Dubai was full of luxury.  Since we saved on the flight tickets we splurged in other ways. My girlfriend and I did a dope dinner cruise, and the food was incredible.



  • Check out the Grand Mosque and see a people’s love for their Creator. Muslim or not, you should respect this building and will be left in awe. I’m a Christian but I appreciate different religions. Visiting the Grand Mosque was a beautiful experience. Enjoy a few of our pics & be sure to subscribe to see our next post. Later, we will tell you the top 5 things to do in Dubai! Until next time.


Chilling poolside like a boss!
Chandelier inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque






STOP in the Name of ArtBLT: Exploring the Motor City

Friends!! We missed y’all so much! Tamika and I took a break away from blogging to handle family matters. In a few short months I have moved twice to 2 states (yep, you read right chile), AND Tamika has moved twice to the same state (LOOOOOONG story)! Needless to say, we have been trying to get ourselves together before bringing you the freshness you deserve. I’ve been traveling a lot lately (mostly for work), and I had the opportunity to visit Detroit….the Motor City…Home of Motown… Take a gander at a few of my travel shots! detroit3 A Birminghamian just HAS to take a picture in Birmingham, Michigan. 😉 detroit2 The Detroit Riverwalk is fascinatingly beautiful! It is near GM’s headquarters. I felt such a cool sense of peace as I walked along the river. Don’t let anyone scare you from visiting Detroit. It is a nice city…you just have to find those little gems. detroit1 To STOP and STAND in the same room where The Temptations, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and the list does go on sang their hearts out was incredible. Visiting the Motown museum is a MUST if you’re visiting Detroit! detroit Along the way I tried some great eats, and found the coolest lil wine joint! But alas, I was so immersed in my experience I forgot to snap pics of the food! What’s your favorite place to travel too?

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Top 5 Tunica Local Eats


If you’ve been hangin’ with a belle for a minute then you know that the sis & I love to visit new places all while enjoying some of their yummy eats. Recently we explored Tunica Mississippi & had a ball. As usual, we got out & played where the locals play.

Click here to see us discuss Tunica on the news! 

Today I’ll focus on the delish food, but the next post will feature the must-see spots to experience. Don’t fret. This post won’t be too long, but I do want you to know why these 5 Tunica hot spots for tasty eats stood out. Let’s get started? ‘kay! First up…


Blue & White Restaurant

First. Look at Shermika lookin’ like some game show host displaying a prize. I love this pic! 🙂 This cute lil diner spot was roughly a 20 minute drive from our hotel. It’s on Route 61 & has been in existence since the ’20’s, YES, you read right, honey. The food is freshly prepared by cooks who actually love to plate up 70+years of southern style cooking traditions.


We stopped at the Blue & White Restaurant for breakfast and weren’t disappointed. For our appetizer (yep we’re rebels & had an app for breakfast!), we had their homemade doughnuts. One word: Siiiiiinful!!! They will have you sayin’ “Krispy Kreme who?!?” We loved them so much that we picked up a dozen to take home to our older sis & nephew. Needless to say they wished we had brought them more. Let’s head on over to breakfast!


I had a fluffy Belgium waffle with cheese grits & crispy bacon. The sis had their 61 Hobo breakfast which is basically ooey gooey cheesylicious (I just made that up, but almost positive it’s been heard before) goodness of mouthwatering onions, eggs, fresh hash browns, sausage, & biscuits. It’s enough to share unless you’ve worked up a massive appetite. Trust me. It’s delish!




Told ya we picked up a dozen! 🙂



Cafe Marie


We stopped here at Cafe Marie for lunch one day for a quick bite. The restaurant  is quaint, homey, & the service was excellent. I had a cheeseburger & Shermika had a patty melt. We both had their hand cut fries with our meals. Their tea was quite tasty too! Be sure to call to see what’s on their menu before going because a lot of what they serve is based on what’s in season in this farm town. We were told that the menu changes.




photo 2 (7)

Chicago Steakhouse

On our 1st night we had a late reservation for dinner at this fab steakhouse located inside the beautiful Gold Strike Hotel. The sis & I tried everything from scallops to truffle fries to a table-made dessert. Check out our Instagram for the video! Shermika had an enormous crab cake that she adored & I had a med-well filet mignon with broccoli. Love wine? The Chicago Steakhouse’s wine selection is huge! All the goodness we tasted & witnessed is below.

photo 1 (6)

photo 3

photo 4


The Hollywood

This little spot is a cutie. Our server was the sweetest & the decor was even sweeter. We loved the tree limbs with white lights. Even “A Time to Kill” author, John Grisham, loved them enough to include this cafe in his book.


Though the restaurant is casual, it has a sort of cozy/intimate feel. If you love pickles as much as I, then you can surely raise a glass to this fine establishment. The Hollywood Cafe is the birthplace of the fried pickle. That’s right. Mississippi is a foodie trailblazer! Their crispy lightly battered pickles are talked about all over town so you know we didn’t hesitate to try them out! Score, y’all!!!


My sister had filet mignon & I had grilled catfish. Catfish is the premiere fish of this town so don’t go there lookin’ for anything other than this. Got me? Good!




photo 4 (4)

SouthBound Pizza

Everything at this eatery was prepared with fresh local ingredients. The homemade pita chips were slightly salty & crunchy. We had enough pizza to feed an army. This pizza is DIVINE. Take your leftovers back to your hotel & have them warm it for you for breakfast. LOVED. EVERY. CHEESEY. BITE!!!! Don’t forget to sign their wall.

photo 2

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (6)

photo 1

Check back soon for our list of places to visit & a casino is our last choice. There’s so much more to this town than casinos. Follow us to see what a belle’s getting into. Until next time, friends.

**Click here for more 411 on Tunica**

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*Disclosure: Some meals were provided & doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion in any way.

Eats & Treats: The Meddlesome Moth

Texas 1068

Friends, some time ago we took a weekend trip to Dallas and oh did a belle have a ball. While touring museums and walking around Dallas’ eclectic art district we worked up quite an appetite.

Texas 1070

Texas 1101The sis and I visited The Meddlesome Moth, (in Dallas’ design district) which came highly recommended by locals! We were told that if you’re looking for good local food in Dallas then The Moth (as it’s fondly called) was the place to be! As it turns out, we kinda knew the Executive Chef David McMillan whose wife Denise is a close friend of ArtBLT.

Texas 1098
The ArtBelles with Plush Creations Founder, Denise McMillian!!! xo

The music-themed stain glass is absolutely beautiful! Can you believe that David rescued these from being destroyed? They add a layer or warmth and soul to this beautiful space.

Texas 1076
Fresh bread anyone?

Texas 1075

We decided to go for brunch and met our sweet friend Denise on a Sunday morning. Tamika and I shared the honey sampler (Flight of the Honey Bee), which is an assortment of various honeys and artisan breads. One of the breads tasted like pound cake and brought me back to days in Birmingham where I ate my grandma’s famous pound cake! We found out that the breads are made fresh in house.

Tamika had Homemade Cream Bisquits & Gravy, which was a sausage biscuit. Everything is freshly prepared. Y’all this was one of the fluffiest biscuits I’ve ever tasted! Y’all know I had to try her food and mine. What true foodie wouldn’t?

Texas 1084

I had Challah French Toast and bacon. The french toast was served alongside pure maple syrup (the GOOD stuff) and seasonal fresh berries. Talk about some good eating! I’ve never had Challah bread, but the french toast was thick in consistency, yet so soft and moist. Have a look at it below along with what Denise had!

Texas 1091

Texas 1100

Texas 1094
Oatmeal with fresh berries and nuts! Yummers!

A belle chowed down on this delicious brunch! We spoke to David who told us how the restaurant uses seasonal ingredients and makes most things in house. The food was fresh and wonderful! We’re going to share some recipes soon from David, and our list of top places to visit while in Dallas–So stay tuned. If you’re ever in the Dallas area stop by The Moth! You won’t be disappointed.

What do you like to eat for brunch?

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Top 5 places to visit in Houston

photo (25)

Y’all already know that we visited too many places to create a list. We’ve come up with a slim few places that stuck out & thought that you should visit when in H-town. It goes without saying to visit downtown Houston. There is so much art, food, & culture in the heart of the city. Check out our list below!!

Texas 330

The Beer Can House

The sis & I cruised to triple 2 Malone St. to see one of Houston’s unique treasures. We found out about it after doing a lil’ readin’. This house is made of cans & is not only neat to see in person, but the hanging cans make for fab built in wind chimes that sound oh so sweet when the wind is blowing.

Texas 335

Texas 332

It has been a staple in the community for decades & was created by a man who grew up during the Great Depression; (they believed in salvaging everything) & this beer can house is proof. You can find some more interesting info on the house here!

Texas 315

A (ANY) Wine Vineyard

We drove over 2 hours outside of Houston (Brenham to be exact) to visit this particular vineyard. The drive alone was beautiful. Thinking about the countryside makes me smile. We saw cattle, corn, horses & lovely pastures.  A belle won’t be revealing the name of the one we visited (shaking my head), but there are several to choose from.

Texas 316

Texas 271

Texas 313

Texas 314

Texas 288

Texas 296

Though slightly irritated with the owners, Shermika & I enjoyed a wine tasting, & a walk/few jumps in the vineyard. We’ve learned to take the bad with the good & enjoyed the moment. Our 3 glasses of wine didn’t hurt the situation either!!

Texas 438
This concrete art is 30 Ft. Tall, y’all!!!


Houston native, David Adickes is the artist/creator of these B-EAUTIFUL gigantic statues. After passing a few huge statues on I-45 we did a little research & ended up at his studio. You will find all types of statue heads & MORE. To the left of this “We <3 Houston ” piece are trees made out of some sort of cloth & they are very colorful. Make sure you have a gander at them when you visit this site. Preeeety!!!

Texas 448
The Beatles!!
Texas 450
Texas 446
The sis is right under 5 ft so you can imagine how tall these statues are!

Texas 384

The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

First, these pics don’t do this wall ANY justice. Period! It’s beautiful & refreshing on a hot TX day. This is the perfect place to walk off some good old TX eats while enjoying the outdoors or a picnic. Don’t believe us? You’ll see plenty of peeps at this site enjoying the weather, shade & more. This wall is located right next to the Galleria Mall in Houston’s Uptown District. This mall has an ice skating rink indoors & is work the visit too.

Texas 406

Texas 162

A Farm

This lavender farm was about 2 hours or so outside of Houston, but too is worth the drive. If you love lavender as much as these belles then you’ll love this farm & the cute little shop that’s there too. It’s filled with all sorts of lavender goods & handmade jewelry. You know a belle did some shopping, right?! 🙂 If lavender doesn’t suit your fancy, then head to a farm of your liking. There are plenty to pick from. It is Texas ya know.

Texas 224

Texas 215
Had to jump in the lavender field!!!
Texas 170
This chick loves to shop!!
Texas 176
Year old plants!!

Texas 164

Have you visited any place fun this summer? Been to any of these hot spots we’ve listed? We want to hear!